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Customer Thoughts and Testimonials

"We run a family farm business and Alisa is one of those very rare service providers whom we trust as though she were a member of our family. She is scrupulously honest and always puts our business needs first, ahead of everything else including her own interests. Alisa is a knowledgeable professional. She is punctual and reliable and generous with pro bono advice and an outside perspective. We have recommended her without reservation to friends in need of the services she offers. We wish everyone we deal with were of her caliber."

- Jim Gerritsen, Wood Prairie Farm


Green Sky development helped us begin our PPC and Email campaigns. During our time together we found Alisa to be both knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. We wish her all the best as her company grows.

- Bill and Sarah Boonstra, Bluestone Perennials


" Green Sky Development has propelled my website from near obscurity to a prominent placing on the web. Alisa is well versed in her field and will work within your parameters. I am extremely pleased with her service."

- Captain Dan Adams. Owner, Operator of By Request Charters


After retaining a web master for several years, he decided to drop my sites and no longer provided me with customer service. I approached Alisa in a crisis situation and she was very thorough, friendly, professional, and empathetic. She assured me that she would switch everything over in a timely fashion with minimal interruption. Alisa is a person of her word and exercised the utmost level of integrity, all of my files were transferred over in a timely fashion with no interruption. Integrity is the most important component in business for me, therefore I would highly recommend Alisa and her services.

- Dawn Burnett Webb - A New Dawn Natural Solutions


“Alisa was asked to review a website for optimization. She thoroughly and professionally itemized each element of her report and explained the purpose and value of the changes she was recommending. She did all this without notes. Later, when I reviewed her two page report, it was clear she had hit every item of concern. Alisa has always been extremely helpful and prompt in response to my queries. Her wealth of knowledge is extensive. Alisa truly cares about her customers and the performance of their online marketing campaigns.”

- Lisa Montagna, Vivid Web Design


“Shortly after you meet Alisa, you appreciate having her as part of your life. She is a classic example of a "go-getter": youthful enthusiasm and energy, innovative, motivated, dedicated, and focused. While Alisa was on my IT staff, she did not need much guidance and monitoring. When presented with tasks, she quickly grasped the concept and worked diligently to achieve the goal. She is a naturally outgoing friendly and helpful team member. Alisa is comfortable as a leader. Her staff is loyal and appreciates her insight and guidance; forming a group that gets the job done. Alisa has accomplished much in her areas of interest and expertise, yet still pursues further education as a commitment to lifelong self-improvement. I recommend Alisa Meggison without any reservation for any task or project that demands excellence.”

- Doug Grosso, Former CIO, Johnny's Selected Seeds


“I have known and worked with Alisa in various capacities over the last 15 years. She is one of the true web commerce and Internet marketing experts out there, having been responsible for all phases of a large number of website projects at MINT.NET (where we first worked together) and elsewhere. I was fortunate enough to work directly for her for a year when we were both at Johnny's Selected Seeds, and she was a joy to work for. I learned just a fraction of what she knows about optimizing for organic search engines and pay per click campaigns. She is one of the smartest people I know, and a highly dedicated team player who is always on top of her assignments. Whenever my own clients need top quality Internet marketing and consulting, I refer them to Alisa at Green Sky Development, and I will continue to do so.”

- James Troutman, Independent Networking Systems Consultant


“Alisa has been an incredible strategic partner for ParleeStumpf and our SEO programs. Her knowledge and demeanor help our clients gain an understanding and comfort level about what data and processes are needed and followed to make SEO successful. Her abilities have made our SEO programs work with a considerable and measurable return on investment. We consider Alisa a strategic part of the ParleeStumpf team.

- Todd Parlee, Senior Partner, ParleeStumpf”



I wanted to take a minute and tell you how much we appreciate what you and your company has done to boost our sales in the e-commerce sector. Although we have been in the retail business forty plus years,this on-line venture is still relatively new to us and I feel that we were fortunate enough to get acquainted with you in a couple of months after launching our site back in 2010.You have been a great fit for us considering the type plant material and vegetable seeds we are selling and your history in the seed and plant industry is just a bonus,which greatly compliments our companies needs.

We are continually wanting to take aggressive measures to build our business to a level that is greater than the traditional spring and fall planting seasons. I know you have spent many hours tweaking our site,making recommendations, advising when to increase our ad word monies,when to cut back and always explaining yourself in detail as we go along.

Tony Hollified - Piedmont Farm & Garden


Who Are We

We are internet marketing consultants with 20+ years experience in best practices, metric-based, results-driven search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) methods. We value the trusted relationships we have with our customers. We are partners in your success.

Our Philosophy

We care about the trusted "spit and grip" handshake. We are driven by ethics, honesty, and trust. There are no gimmicks, sales pitches, or shady deals. We don't make promises we cannot keep. We set realistic goals and expectations. We work with you to achieve the best results for your business.

Our Services

We offer a full suite of marketing services. We can help you achieve your goals. We have solid experience in direct retail and internet marketing. Please review our services. Don't see what you need? Contact us. If we don't offer a specific service chances are "wicked good" that we know someone who does.