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Is SEO worth it? Why should I bother to do SEO?

This is a great question and there are a great number of articles and blog postings written about this question. What do I think as an SEO and SEM expert? The answer might surprise you. Let me start with a scenario.

You go to your dentist. You’re mad and in pain because you have a cavity. Damn dentist. He said if you brushed twice a day and flossed you’d be fine. You did that – now you have a cavity. You’re sitting in the chair waiting for him to come in and when he does he says, “So, looks like we have a cavity!” You roll your eyes and then ask him how that happened. You did what he said; exactly what he said. So the dentist says, “What else did you do?” Did you just fidget a bit in your comfy chair? “What do you mean, what else did I do? I didn’t do anything else, just what you told me to do.” Now the dentist rolls his eyes and begins his soap box speech. Did you use mouthwash? Did you cut back on sugary sweets? Did you switch to the more sensitive toothpaste you needed? How long did you brush? Did you brush using the technique I taught you? Did you brush twice a day but do it at breakfast and lunch and then wait 18 hours before you brushed again? What kind of floss are you using? When was the last time you replaced your toothbrush?

You get the idea….

The dentist cannot care for your teeth on a day to day basis and an SEO expert is not responsible for increasing traffic to your website every day. YOU ARE. Right. So again, why would you bother paying for an SEO expert? Well, why do you pay to go to the dentist?

Like your dentist, an SEO expert exists to educate you on what you should be doing, recommend important changes that can help with your website visibility, and serve as your guide. We can clean you up and get you back on track. We can cheer you on for great habits and we can tell you when you have a cavity. Tsk tsk.

But you need to be responsible for and own SEO for the website that you put into existence. Even if you don’t have the time to invest in it because you are busy running your business, which is a valid reason for hiring an SEO expert, you still need to own awareness and involvement in the process and you can help your SEO efforts tremendously with all your day-to-day business activities.

SEO is absolutely essential for your website, just as brushing your teeth is to your health.

Content will always be king. But, there are a great many articles that declare that “SEO is Dead” and that Google doesn’t care about titles or META descriptions and that the content of your site is the only thing that matters. I declare them wrong. And the reason they are wrong is as simple as looking at search engine listings. From a purely technical standpoint, your content is certainly indexed, but it is the title and the description that search engines look to for their first dose of keyword presence.

Search engines absolutely pay attention to the content, but more importantly these days, USERS pay attention to your content. You should be doing SEO because it benefits your users - do this and ranking will follow. If your content is informative, useful and solid you’ll find that your organic listing get clicked on or “backlinked” or mentioned in blogs or other social spaces, which in turn causes Google to deem you relevant and you rise in the listings relative to your competitors. Google cares about quality information, about relevancy of content, and delivering both those things in response to users’ search queries. Period.

BUT, because engines display your page titles and 200 characters of a description, common SEO practices that optimize these areas are still important. SEO consists of a lot of other activities as well, such as:

Some of these things your SEO expert can do for you. Some of these things you have to do.

The real answer lies in the middle.

SEO is important.

But what is equally, if not more important, and cannot be stressed enough, is that YOU need to be involved in the process.

You need to have an understanding of how SEO works and what you can do to improve the visibility of your site. It is your responsibility to own it, monitor it, and work on it. You can hire an SEO expert to help you optimize your site, but it doesn’t stop there. Your SEO expert will challenge and push you (if they are good at what they do) to constantly improve and grow your site over time – they cannot do this for you – but they can be your partner and help guide your efforts.

You can absolutely do SEO yourself. Should you do it yourself? Do you have the time and technical expertise?

If so, wonderful. You should do it – because you and you alone know your business the best and believe it or not, as you perform SEO tasks, you learn more deeply about your business, your customers, and your competitors. All of this is very valuable information to have as a business owner. Understand, however, that SEO is time intensive. In the wise reworked words of Yoda, “Do it, or do it not, there is no try”.

If you do not have the time or expertise, that’s Ok, too. Hire an expert to with WITH you.

If any customer calls me and says “I don’t care what you do, I don’t want to know how you do it, just get it done and make me number 1.” I say “No thank you, you need to hire someone else.”

Our job, as SEO experts, is to work alongside you. We are your partner. We can help you, but only so long as you are willing to help yourself – and your business. Yes, SEO is worth it. Just understand that SEO is a cooperative long-term activity that first and foremost depends on the quality and health of your website and YOU. Without great content, other marketing efforts that build awareness and traffic, and your commitment to always making improvements, SEO in and of itself will never be the success you want it to be.

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