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Green Sky Development was born out of a desire to offer ethical, honest, accurate, and evolving internet marketing services to companies who desire to grow: that is to acquire new customers and increase sales; and accomplish it within your budget.

We are Alisa Meggison and Stacey Meggison-Haines. Our experience covers 20 years, 4 graduate degrees in science, humanities, marketing, and business development, serving over 50 clients with a 98% retention rate, as well as giving back to the community via volunteerism.

We believe that to be successful at business, you have to be willing to help others from the heart. Often, the two are inseparable. We also believe in the principles of Karma and that when you do well by others, you do well by yourself.

We activley choose not to be a big, corporate company that offers 50 flavors of web service. We are a family company that specializes in internet marketing services.

We also have a solid relationship with a network of trusted marketing professionals to whom we can refer you if needed. We’d rather focus on doing a smaller set of services fabulously well than many things half as well. We cannot help you if we are not the best we can be.

We speak in plain English and leave all the impressive marketing buzzwords in Wikipedia, or if you like, check out our glossary. We will not claim that we are the best; though we certainly strive to do our best. Nor will we make unfounded and improbable claims of top-ranking "grandeur". We will not indulge in sales-centric empty promises that will leave you feeling abandoned and mislead.

What we will do is apply every ounce of knowledge, effort, problem-solving acumen, and dirt-under-the-fingernails determination that we can to make the money you invest with us work as hard as it can to return positive results for you.

We are in business to succeed.

We are in business to help you succeed.

And when you decide to do business with us; our reciprocal desire is to be your trusted partner for as long as you grant the privilege.

Together, we can analyze, test, grow, evolve, and be better than we were before.

Who Are We

We are internet marketing consultants with 20+ years experience in best practices, metric-based, results-driven search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) methods. We value the trusted relationships we have with our customers. We are partners in your success.

Our Philosophy

We care about the trusted "spit and grip" handshake. We are driven by ethics, honesty, and trust. There are no gimmicks, sales pitches, or shady deals. We don't make promises we cannot keep. We set realistic goals and expectations. We work with you to achieve the best results for your business.

Our Services

We offer a full suite of marketing services. We can help you achieve your goals. We have solid experience in direct retail and internet marketing. Please review our services. Don't see what you need? Contact us. If we don't offer a specific service chances are "wicked good" that we know someone who does.